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The Web Site Awards Page

This page shows how successful the website of Giorgio Pizzeria Ristorante has become.
The following are the awards that have been presented to the restaurant and website so far!

We are fond of cleaniness at Giorgio Pizzeria Ristorante, hence why since the introduction of the Lewes District Council - 'Clean Catering Award' Scheme in 1993, we are proud to have received the award every year since it has started.
No other eating establishment has achieved this in Lewes!!

Clean Catering Award 1993 Clean Catering Award 1994
Clean Catering Award 1995 Clean Catering Award 1996
Clean Catering Award 1997 Clean Catering Award 1998
Clean Catering Award 1999 Clean Catering Award 2000

Angelfire Website Of the Month
Web Site of the Month
(September 1997)

HHH Award
Receiver of a HHH - Award for an exceptional page on the Web

Axt Award
The 'Axt Award' for 'Best Quality'!!!

Pizza Coupons Web Award
The 'Pizzeria Highlite' of the Week (6th April 1998) Award

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(Website Search Engine)
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